For holidaymakers looking for action, the Holiday Village offers tennis and volleyball courts, disc golf, a minigolf course, and table tennis. Stretch your legs along a fitness trail, on a rented bicycle, or move to the beat on the restaurant’s dance floor. The nearest golf course is in Kerimäki, 60km away.

Ruoke Holiday Village is perfect if you love fishing! We can arrange a boat, equipment, and permits on site. You can also choose to join a fishing or diving trip, or even head on a fishing trip to Russian Karelia.


In winter, Puruvesi has plenty of excellent ice fishing spots. Ice fishing equipment can be rented from reception, and no permit is required for ice fishing. We can also arrange guided ice fishing trips.

If you enjoy skiing, there is an approx. 2km cross-country skiing track. There is also an ice track from the shore to Levonsaari island, which has a lean-to for resting and cooking campfire sausages. The distance to the island is approx. 4km. The track is maintained as weather permits.

Ruoke Holiday Village offers snowshoes and Nordic skates to rent. A skating track to the Karjalan Kievari shore, is kept open as the ice and weather conditions permit. The route is approx. 7km long.

If you want more speed, snowmobiles are available to rent from the Holiday Village. The North Karelia snowmobile track is approx. 6km away over the ice. Track permits and maps are available from reception.

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